Know your ideal target client and how to identify them to improve sales

July 16, 2021Advice

Know your ideal target client and how to you identify them. Sounds obvious, right? Knowing who your ideal target client is a key factor in improving the impact and success of your brand building and sales activation. It will generate more qualified inbound leads. It will help you be more successful in your outbound sales … Read More

How brands can get more value from their existing data assets – Sarah Evans & Paul Griffiths discuss

October 16, 2020Advice, Evolve Your Insights, Video content

In an environment where budgets are tight, what can Marketing Directors and leaders do to get more from their existing insights and data assets? Sarah Evans (Think Seven) & Paul Griffiths (Client Advocates & Evolve Your Insights) discuss the advantages of using existing data and insights to increase consumer understanding and give practical advice about … Read More