Brand building and investing in your Research and Insight Agency brand is an important part of your growth strategy.

Why Build your Brand?

If you want to grow your agency in the medium term you need to invest in building the profile of your brand.

Why do I say this?

As an industry, we have not historically focused or invested in trying to make our brands famous. We can all think of successful agencies who don’t focus on their own branding and marketing to any great extent.

But I think we should challenge this approach (or lack of one!).

I’m interested in exploring how, as an industry, we can raise our marketing game.

How can research and insight agencies operate at a higher level of marketing savvy?

What do we need to do, to punch above our weight (in brand terms) with limited resources and budgets.

In short, to grow our brands…

Video Content

In this video (4 mins) I explain about work and research of Byron Sharp and the marketing effectiveness academics at the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute

I explain (quickly I promise!) about the concept of mental availability (or brand salience as it is sometimes called). I talk about why it matters to winning more work and growth.

If you’d like to know more about how to g0 about brand building and investing in your Research and Insight Agency brand or how to create and build the brand salience of your business, you can contact me here:

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