Three tips to create more effective content

If you are a leader in a research and insight agency and responsible for creating content, this video, giving my three tips to create more effective content, is for you.

I’m not sure who said, “we are all content creators now”. But it is, without doubt, true…

Content can be a direct contributor to how you build and support your brand’s profile with existing and lapsed clients.

It is a key part of how you can give your agency the best chance of getting briefs and winning work from new clients.

In this video (3 minutes long), I share my three top tips for how research and insight agencies can create content that is impactful and effective.

  1. Look to Serve not Sell
  2. Choose a Commercially Relevant topic
  3. Focus on the Why not the What

Follow these three easy tips and you will create content that is more effective in communicating to your audience. As a result you will start to generate leads and selling opportunities for your agency.

So, good luck with your content creation.

And, as ever, don’t hesitate to contact me if you’d like to discuss this further:

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