Revenue Growth

We can help an agency get revenue growth in a number of ways:

Sales Activation

We created a targeted B2B sales activation campaign for a mid-sized insight agency. Using LinkedIn, we helped them design their own DIY lead generation process. Their first sales campaign generated more than £100k of new business proposals in the first three months. 

New Proposition Development

We led a specialist research agency though a new proposition development and the launch of several new products into the marketplace. £220k of additional revenue resulted in year One.

We helped a ResTech company to develop their proposition and to sell it into research companies. They secured £500k of additional sales by year-end as a result.

Account Planning for Existing Clients

We implemented an action focused account-planning approach for key clients. We then combined this with a targeted business development campaign to drive client engagement and revenue growth.

For more on our approach to account planning, read our blog: Ten questions to ask yourself to improve your key client relationships

Key Account Client Advocacy 

We interviewed the top five clients for an agency and implemented action plans. Subsequently, the agency has seen revenue increase in 4 of 5 accounts and the number of briefs from these clients increase by 20%. Client satisfaction scores have also improved across all accounts.

If you want to learn more about what we have learnt over the course of all our client advocacy, here is our blog Top 5 feedback trends from Client Advocacy