Know your ideal target client and how to you identify them. Sounds obvious, right?

Knowing who your ideal target client is a key factor in improving the impact and success of your brand building and sales activation. It will generate more qualified inbound leads. It will help you be more successful in your outbound sales activities.

One thing that distinguishes research and insight agencies that grow more quickly, is their clarity and focus on their ideal target client. They are able to say, with certainty and confidence, who they want to sell to.

As an agency owner, can you describe who your ideal target client is? Can you tell your team that it’s a specific type of person, in a particular type of business, located in a specific place, doing a particular job?

If not, how can you determine this?

In this 5minute video Paul explains why it’s important to know your ideal target client. He also gives his tips on how you can determine who they are.

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