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Proven commercial strategies

Market Research & Insight Agencies get the growth and the clients they deserve. Heads of Insight get the budgets and the influence they deserve. We help Market Research and Insight Agencies to grow revenues. We help Heads of Insight protect and increase their research budgets.

For Agencies

Helping Market Research & Insight Agencies increase revenues

At Client Advocates, we help the owners and leaders of research and insight agencies to grow their revenues more quickly, using proven growth strategies.

For Brands

Helping Research & Insight Leaders increase budgets

We support Heads of Insight and leaders to increase their organisational and commercial impact. We've developed strategies that support them to be better at influencing stakeholders, motivating their teams and to win the competition for scarce budget.

Examples of our successes

Our clients are marketing services agencies and client-side brands. We work internationally, and have worked with clients in Ireland, Greece, Poland and Fiji, as well as the UK.

We are very respectful of confidentiality. As such, we prefer not to list our clients publicly, except where they have given us explicit recommendations.

We do have brilliant clients and they are very happy to provide references and client testimonials. If you are interested in talking directly to some of our clients, we’d be delighted to put you in contact with them.

Customer insight workshops

Customer insight workshops

Revenue Growth

Revenue Growth

Profit Improvement

Profit Improvement

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