Our Purpose

The purpose of Client Advocates is simple. We want research and insight agencies, and the businesses that use insight, to be as successful as they can be. Our purpose is to give the people who work in these agencies and businesses the opportunity to be brilliant. Determining and achieving goals (be they intellectual, altruistic, personal or financial) is amazing. It’s what motivates and inspires us.


We use our evidence-based approach underpinned by research, facts and analytics. We talk to your clients, customers and relevant stakeholders to understand the strengths and weakness of your business, the threats to success and the opportunities to achieve your goals.


We work with you to implement business improvement measures, so you are able to take every opportunity to achieve your goals; be that to grow revenue or profit, to delight your clients or inspire your employees.


We have personal experience of managing and running agencies, including TNS and Simpson Carpenter. We were responsible for motivating and managing teams of brilliant people, developing and growing significant client relationships and delivering improving revenue and EBIT performance.

We understand how vital it is to ensure that a business and the people in it have a sense of success and momentum. We also know as a leader that it is sometimes tough to juggle and steer all the different parts of a business so that you achieve your personal and commercial goals.