Introducing Evolve Your Insights

June 19, 2019Advice, Client focus, Evolve Your Insights

So we are delighted to announce that Client Advocates now has a sister, called Evolve Your Insights. Client Advocates continues to do it’s thing (we hope brilliantly), with agencies and suppliers of data, insight and research. We continue to use evidence gathered from your key accounts. We keep on growing businesses, motivating teams and delighting … Read More

The Top 5 Actions to build better client relationships

November 6, 2017Client Advocacy, Client focus, Profit improvement, Revenue Growth

In our last blog,, we talked about the top 5 pieces of feedback gleaned from our client advocacy work with agencies’ key accounts. We now turn to the most effective measures that an agency can take to respond to this feedback and build better client relationships. Having helped agencies respond to their key clients comments and … Read More

Top 5 feedback trends from Client Advocacy

October 20, 2017Client Advocacy, Client focus, Revenue Growth

We have been carrying out Client Advocacy (securing objective feedback from agencies’ key clients) for nearly five years, across different sectors and industries. All of the client advocacy we do is different and unique, reflecting both the different agencies we work for, and their different clients. That said, over time we have seen the following … Read More

Business Development – Trust the Process

January 29, 2015Client focus, Revenue Growth

Speaking to one of our agency clients the other day about how to improve their business development, we were struck by the fact that for many account managers the idea of business development – how you engage with new and existing clients so that they give you more of their budget – has entirely a numbers focus: how … Read More