So we are delighted to announce that Client Advocates now has a sister, called Evolve Your Insights.

Evolve Your Insights logo

Client Advocates continues to do it’s thing (we hope brilliantly), with agencies and suppliers of data, insight and research. We continue to use evidence gathered from your key accounts. We keep on growing businesses, motivating teams and delighting existing and new clients.

Meanwhile, Evolve Your Insights looks after Heads of Insight and their teams, who work in brands and businesses. We’ve done this for ages, but it is becoming such an in-demand need for our insight clients that we decided to create a separate brand.

EYI helps insight teams to increase the impact they are having on their businesses. We work with Heads of Insights and their teams to determine their Vision for Insight and then to make sure they can achieve it.

If you’d like to know more contact us: [email protected]

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