Our mission is to help your business be a success using client advocacy as the means to grow revenue and profit.

Revenue and profit growth are two objectives pretty much every business owner would like to achieve. So what’s the best way of realising them?

At Client Advocates, our method is simple. We use an evidence-based approach underpinned by research, facts and analytics. Our market intelligence helps you to improve communication and deepen relationships with your customers. We work with you to implement business improvement measures, ensuring you take every opportunity to grow revenue or profit.

Our team has the perfect blend of skills to help you achieve your objectives. We have decades of experience using tried and trusted marketing techniques and have strong relationships with all our clients.

We’re proud to have helped some of our recent clients to:

  • Achieve new business opportunities
  • Gather competitive intelligence on rival suppliers
  • Generate new proposition ideas
  • Identify areas for improved project delivery and profit improvement
  • Gather feedback for use in employee appraisals


Client Advocates works alongside you to make your business work better for you.

One of the key tasks we carry out is an objective third-party review of your key client relationships. This enables us to identify opportunities to improve business performance, for individual clients and across your business as a whole. The next step is action planning – where can we change behaviours and improve your processes to better respond to client needs? A comprehensive evaluation follows every project implementation, to review impact and measure the effectiveness of our work.

The information we gather supports our belief that business improvement should be based on knowledge of what actually works.

If you’re looking to increase revenue growth or profit in your business, call Client Advocates on 020 8398 4011 for an initial consultation and we’ll help you put together a plan to achieve your goals.

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