The ‘battle’ to identify and attract talent is the determining factor for a company’s success and achieving competitive advantage.

At Client Advocates, we believe training, developing and investing in the talent within your business should be at the very heart of your strategy – we have seen again and again that you will then reap the rewards. Motivation and loyalty generate increased innovation, excellent client-service (and delighted customers) and will – generally – make your business an amazing place to be.

But what is the most effective and proven means to invest in talent?

Our view is that mentoring is one of your most powerful levers – we cannot emphasize its importance enough if you’re determined not to let your business stagnate.

It’s vital for the growth of your business that you get the your employees feel valued and invested in, and this can be achieved by actively mentoring your team.

Nurturing individuals and sourcing advice, guidance and even wisdom is a great way of helping them develop and increase effectiveness, so that they reach their maximum potential. They receive valuable feedback, insight and support, meaning a win-win for both the individual and the business, with a proven ROI.

Our view is that mentoring should be made available to as many of your employees as possible, regardless of experience or background. It adds value at ALL levels.

By way of examples, in the past three months while engaged in mentoring relationships, we have supported:

  • a recent graduate to find her feet in a large organisation and become passionate about it.
  • At the opposite end of the spectrum, we have helped re-invigorate and enthuse a senior manager so they take on new challenges and inspire their team again.
  • And finally, we have also assisted and prepared a new manager to take on a more commercial leadership role.

Our approach to mentoring will keep your employees engaged, motivated and make them want to remain with the company. If you’d like to understand more about how we provide mentoring to our clients, and our mentoring credentials, please contact us on 020 8398 4011

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