After many months of nagging and cajoling by our brilliant Digital team at Pynk & Fluffy , we have finally finished the next-generation development of  our website for Client Advocates. We hope you like it – and if you don’t, or think it could be improved, please do let us know.

Frankly, it has not been a difficult task, or indeed one that even one that has taken much time to do, but still it has taken us nearly six months – we have put it off again and again. There is always something more important to do: call the client, finish off the report, plan the budget. We call it inertia via activity.

But the irony is that this website will help our business to grow and prosper even more than it already is; that’s a good problem to have and one we like our clients to have too!

And it struck us that this is exactly the sort of challenge most of our clients have – generally, our clients know what they need to do to grow their business or to make it more profitable, but somehow the day-to-day always seems more pressing. As a result, that really valuable head-space needed to think more strategically about an issue is annoyingly scant- or the resource and ability to get stuff done, once the clever thinking is done, is too difficult to find or deploy.

If we could, we’d urge you to learn from our experience of getting this new version of our website up and running – don’t get sucked into inertia via activity. Find the time and the resource, however you can, to think about the things that are going to power your business forward and then action them. Don’t put-off the investment and innovation that will improve the service you provide to your clients and your colleagues – the ROI will be worth it… and there is always tomorrow for the other stuff!


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