Our clients are marketing services agencies and client-side brands. We work internationally, and have worked with clients in Ireland, Greece, Poland and Fiji, as well as the UK.

We are very respectful of confidentiality. As such, we prefer not to list our clients publicly, except where they have given us explicit recommendations.

We do have brilliant clients and they are very happy to provide references and client testimonials. If you are interested in talking directly to some of our clients, we’d be delighted to put you in contact with them.

The following gives a flavour of the work we have conducted:

Our recent work with Agencies:

Revenue Growth

Working with a specialist research agency, we led them though a new proposition development and the launch of several new products into the marketplace. £220k of additional revenue resulted in year 1.

We helped a ResTech company to develop their proposition and to sell it into research companies. £500k of additional sales resulted by year-end.

Implementing an action focused account-planning approach for key clients. Combined with a targeted business development campaign we devised, to drive client engagement and revenue growth.

Carrying out a key account advocacy programme. We interviewed the top five clients and implemented action plans. Subsequently, the agency has seen revenue increase in 4 of 5 accounts and the number of briefs from these clients increase by 20%. Client satisfaction scores have also improved across all accounts.

Profit Improvement

Working with the CEO and senior management team of a £8.5m research agency, to improve their financial performance and increase EBIT. Our financial and commercial analysis and recommendations delivered an identifiable increase in EBIT of £100k over the course of a year.

Conducting a business review for a £4m research agency. They have achieved 25% growth y-o-y for the past 3 years and make an EBIT margin of 20%, but still with more potential to grow. We helped them restructure the operational side of the business and implemented a key account and big-pitch process. The agency increased its pitch conversion rate and achieved improved gross margin.

For Brand and client-side organisations:

For a major UK airport, we created the business and project plan to outsource all primary data-gathering. We managed the successful implementation of the new operating model. This generated a 14% year-on-year Opex saving. We devised the initial business model and financial case, helped the Head of Insight sell in the concept and projected financial and quality benefits into the Board. We then managed the tender process to find the outsourced supplier and project-managed the roll-out of the new provision. We liaised with all the internal stakeholder departments (Legal, HR, Procurement, Finance, Operations, IT). We also managed the procurement process, from Register of Interest to final supplier BAFO and the TUPE’ing of an entire research team.

For a major rail brand, we reviewed their insight and research assets. We gave recommendations about how they could utilise to strengthen their commercial bid documentation on a major rail bid. We helped them develop a more consumer-centric view and identified potential service improvements to boost customer satisfaction. We also supported our client to communicate in the potential bid improvements into the bid-team leaders.

For a leading brand in the white-goods space, we conducted customer-workshops to help senior directors in the business improve their understanding of the purchase decisions of loyal customers. Subsequently the brand has reviewed it’s sales and marketing plans to reflect the importance of word-of-mouth recommendation.